Update on Ricette Vetrarie del Rinascimento

You know that feeling you get when it seems that the fates are just having fun laughing at you?

Today I am both ecstatic and frustrated. After about a year of hurting my brain on trying to translate Ricette Vetrarie del Rinascimento through Babelfish, I did a random google search to see if there was any new discussion or information on the topic. I found two things: First, Fuzzy Lizard Studio is the top few listings when you google “Ricette Vetrarie del Rinascimento”!!! (Go me!)… And second, a professional English translation was released in Europe a few months ago.

So, this project is now on an indefinite hiatus. I have ordered a copy of the translation (which has added illustrations and annotations from the original Italian transcriber) and it should be here in a week or so. If you are interested in getting a copy for yourself, email me and I will forward you the contact information. Also, I have been in email communication with the author, and he has given me some great research contacts here in North America for ancient glass techniques. Time to start saving my cash for buying more books!

When the English translation arrives from Europe, I will go through what little translation I have accomplished in the last year and compare it to his translations. I am very curious to see just how well Babelfish did. I will post my findings under this project page and then close the project as complete. Now to find something else just as crazy to start working on… Perhaps Kingdom level A&S champion?


Next update: Comparison of my translation to the professional translation.
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