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Prototype The prototypes for the new design came out of the kiln looking better than I had expected!! These are prototype attempt #2, as the original prototypes were in the kiln when it decided to run away last week. They look a lot different when they come out properly, instead of kiln floor geodes.

These beauties will be available for purchase at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo, April 28 – May 1.

12 Apr 2016

Runaway Kiln!

Last week my kiln ran away…. Yup, that’s not a typo, it ran away.

A runaway kiln is when there is a kiln failure that allows the circuit to stay open and therefore provide power to the heating elements. This causes the kiln to significantly overfire, which destroys the contents of the kiln, damages the kiln, and potentially can start a studio fire. Bad, all bad.

This kiln failure was particularly frustrating because I had a load of brand new prototypes inside the kiln. All of my experimentation and testing was melted into a messy crater of tears. The floor of the kiln is honeycombed with crystalized glass bits, jeopardizing the functionality of the kiln.

But, this is not a post of negativity… It’s a post of hope!

After a weekend of creative fix-it-ness (yes, that is a word in my world), I have a functional kiln again. Plus, I have caught up and am back to the point in my experiments and prototypes that I was at before the kiln decided to runaway. Baring any further setbacks, I should have new beads to show off by tomorrow!

Plus, the mess of scorched glass on the floor of the kiln looks really neat. Like a glassy geode. This inspires me in all new directions, and now I have to figure out how to recreate this effect without incurring damage to the kiln.

In the meantime, learn from my mistake kiddos! This is what happens to the floor of a kiln if the kiln goes on runaway and there is glass inside.

11 Apr 2016

Memory Glass

Recycled Glass

These beads were made from window glass brought from the family mill in Ontario. It was broken down and then melted to create a limited number of beads which were then given to family members who attended the family reunion that year.

11 Nov 2015

Just in time for the Calgary Expo!

I have finally settled on a dragon pendant design that I am happy with. There will be a limited number available at the Calgary Expo, each one unique in colour and facial expression. Come early to adopt yours before they all have new homes!

10 Apr 2015